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[校园新闻] 创业精神的风险和回报!

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美国肯代尔大学,Kendall College
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( T% D& r3 h; T  大部分就读肯代尔的学生都有一个共同的想法:在未来创建一家自己的公司。我也是这些学生中的一员。在2002年,我下定决心为自己开启一段新的事业时,我选择来到肯代尔,就读职业烹饪文凭课程。之后,我创建了自己的公司Bespoke Cuisine,这是一家全方位服务餐饮公司,并且在后来我们逐步转型以派对聚餐烹饪为主业务,将服务于团建活动为核心方向。
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; g$ P0 ?3 H% ?; u! |  建立一个自己的公司,前期需要大量的研究和规划工作。当你完成了这些“幕后”的积淀过程,你在公司正式营业的第一天,你一定会欣慰的接受这第一笔“回馈”,那种幸福感是强烈的。不仅是因为你完成了某项了不起的工作,更多的是你能够收到顾客们最直接的反馈。在第一天的营业中,你会发现哪些菜肴大受欢迎,哪些还需要进一步提升。接下里,你开始要为餐厅预定量的上升而努力。之后,你开始熟悉运营的各个方向后,你会意识到你走在正确的道路上。& B4 {& e. A+ H

0 [1 H2 o, X. t5 u8 B  当你自己在创业的时候,就好像在培养自己的孩子一样:你每天无时无刻都在关注着这件事。在你日常的工作中,你可能只考虑到一些最容易关注到的问题,例如菜品设计,食材的采购和顾客体验。但是,对于想要运营好整个餐厅的人来说,他们的眼光应该顾虑到企业方方面面的细节。在很多案例中,往往都是因为细节的疏忽,导致了很严重的后果。
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5 z5 x- b/ \  p2 }  在你正式进入到这个领域前,你需要拥有一个坚实的教育基础。这就是为什么我和你们一样都来到肯代尔学习。在这里,你有众多的理论学习和行业实践的机会。你可以专注于一个专业上面,如烹饪艺术或酒店管理,也可以选择在这些专业的同时加读商业课程。4 w, ^  r5 R, [2 s
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肯代尔大学 - 肯代尔学院 - 肯代尔 - Kendall College

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Many students who come to Kendall share a common goal: to open their own business. In fact, I was one of those students. Having decided to forge a new path for myself, I enrolled in Kendall’s certificate of professional cookery in 2002.  Shortly after, I founded Bespoke Cuisine, a full-service catering company that we transformed into a cooking party business with a focus on team building.
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  h8 H9 \, t8 G/ @) S1 T% K5 G& N" X' MBuilding a business takes a lot of research and planning. Once you have completed all of the behind-the-scenes prep comes your first reward: the day you open those doors. That moment is exhilarating. Not only because you’ve accomplished something great, but also because you receive immediate feedback. On the first day, you know which dishes were stars and which need a little tender love and care based on the plates that come back. Next, you start seeing an increase in reservations. That’s when you know you’re on the right track.
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When you own a business, it’s analogous to having a child: It never, ever leaves your mind. It’s easy to become seduced into thinking about the obvious aspects of your business, such as the menu, sourcing your ingredients, and the guest experience. But the business demands you think about every single detail. Will the cooler break? It can change your bottom line in an evening.
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" L  ?' @! w0 m  M" ], t5 RIn the food industry, stage (pronounced with an “ah” sound) is a powerful way to explore the industry. These stages allow you to enter and explore a range of environments—a bakery that focuses on building community, a fine dining restaurant led by a Michelin-starred chef, or a small eatery specializing in farm to table. I absolutely recommend you gain those experiences. It will help shape your business ideas and allow you to learn advanced on-the-job skills before diving in headfirst. It will also reveal your passions and allow you to tweak your concept.
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! N$ w; @' L. o' xBefore you take those steps in the industry, however, it’s essential to begin with a solid education. One very important reason why I’m so invested in all we do at Kendall is because we’re helping to prepare the leaders in our industry. At Kendall, you have many options of which to choose.  You can focus on one discipline, such as culinary or hospitality, or you can select to complement your studies with course work or a degree in business.
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0 @; u/ F; Y3 q" OYou start with the big idea. Lay it all out on the table and add detail after detail—and slowly revise it, creating a tighter and tighter concept that you know, though your education, internships, and work experience, will succeed.
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