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[成功校友] 瓦岱勒校友Jérôme PERCEPIED - 来自酒店管理世家的青年才俊

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Jérôme PERCEPIED 杰罗姆•普赛皮德 - 来自酒店管理世家的青年才俊

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  在杰罗姆•普赛皮德(Jerome Percepied)的家族中他已经是第六代从事酒店管理的子孙了,为秉承这一传统杰罗姆•普赛皮德于2007年进入瓦岱勒尼姆学院(Vatel Nimes)学习,并于2010年取得学士学位(Bachelor’s Degree)。
  j5 _. s( r( `4 K* k  `/ D% }) o
  在几座法国(French)的城市及英国(England),墨西哥(Mexico),阿联酋(Emirates),美国(States)等各国工作过后,2013年底他被哥斯达黎加四季酒店(Four Seasons Costa Rica)聘为度假村副经理(Assistant Resort Manager)。5 p& y$ i4 @6 ^, `7 |
4 x6 O0 W" `  ~
  杰罗姆对于你来说,进入酒店与旅游行业工作是早就想好的的还是偶然的?# I' J7 E% i& I- w* [2 r4 G1 U
  当然是早就想好的!我小的时候就被父亲对这一行业的激情深深感染。当我为接受高等教育选择专业时,瓦岱勒学院(Vatel)将理论与实践应用相结合的教学方法,及它的国际知名度和它良好的声誉将我折服。, x3 {3 ]( g3 p' y. Y
" t) s2 G* D# O  a
2 Y0 _! N: c0 D9 [4 |  E  在那里有数不尽的美好回忆!在那里我遇到了我最要好的朋友弗洛朗•博杜安(Florent Baudouin):他在洛杉矶(Los Angeles )创立了自己的公司 - Golden Key公司,同时他也是美国西海岸(USA West Coast )瓦岱勒校友俱乐部(the Vatel Alumni Club)的大使。无论是从个人还是从职业角度来讲他都很了不起。
7 W) q6 G! M3 N0 i
$ Y# A! g7 j  L/ i. y$ ~- L# R- B, }  你最美好的回忆是什么:是理论,实践应用还是实习?
& }9 `2 J7 h. M/ n- O1 p4 M  关于这三方面都有很好的回忆。在理论方面,由拥有三十多年经验的专业人士进行教授,那是一段非常有收获又有趣的经历。

( e3 V% U" u! S4 R践应用课程也很独特,其中一些内容是瓦岱勒学院特有的。包括我在内的瓦岱勒尼姆学院的学生都极其幸运,因为我们校园里就有四星级应用酒店(four-star Application Hotel),我们在那里上实践课,如果我们想在将来经营自己的酒店,我们就必须在所有的部门工作。1 M& {* {$ p. T$ O* @3 L. u5 k, g: p

9 a& h0 p9 A' f* w7 C! R* A+ z$ h  于实习,我觉得自己很幸运能够借实习的机会去很多地方旅行。我实习的酒店都是声望极高的如夏蒙尼(Chamonix )的勃朗峰酒店(Hotel Le Prieure Best Mont Blanc Group),我在里面从事餐饮服务(F&B services )及前台(Front Office)工作,还有伦敦(London)的圣•杰姆斯酒店(St James ),墨西哥(Mexico)普拉亚卡门(Playa del Carmen)的悦榕酒店度假村(Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts),迪拜(Dubai)的阿拉伯塔酒店(Burj Al Arab )和纽约(New York )的巴黎雅典娜酒店(Plaza Athenee)。
: {6 h4 C5 H' X0 ?  L6 e  I  u- e+ P
  去哥斯达黎加(Costa Rica)是因为机遇还是人脉?
1 `- O) w" `$ f' k7 @; s, h  起初在纽约餐饮业负责协调客人,一年后,我的未婚妻建议我去她美丽的家乡 - 哥斯达黎加寻找机会。因此在纽约,我开始激活我的人脉,仅一个星期后我就在中美洲获得了面试机会。) c% d/ Z' D$ f: \7 R- r! M' z

+ {/ l+ l$ [& s3 S0 D. x  度假村副经理是一个办公室类型的工作还是偏操作性的工作。) k  `" Q- I8 p4 K2 w1 G
  这项工作更侧重操作和实践。这是一项很令人兴奋的工作,因为要负责处理客人的各种问题,因而每天都面临新的挑战。我的主要任务就是确保前台正常运作,确保值班经理(Duty Manager)履行职责并确保每一位客人可以体验真正的度假享受。
7 T' O* U0 Y* c5 I6 U- P9 b$ T9 M0 R% Z! P2 x9 t1 A2 w. J& x" C
  法国给哥斯达黎加人的是好印象还是坏的?: i9 C! N9 `7 l

* E5 f& y  s) ~. O( g
' E, D: [& k- D( @* \) L2 h1 F  酒店管理和家庭生活:你能将这两者协调好吗?
, H# ^' `" S" ?$ c6 `  \
! h1 p: u% U% C. a, R* m* r  x) R% O& Z% R9 R
- D$ c; B. B7 H# R  人际关系对于我们这个行业来说非常重要,因此我呼吁所有的瓦岱勒人保持联系来提高每个人的工作机会。

% `/ [: {/ a, N, O! J( D# v
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" K' b7 Z6 y/ g# n3 p$ r% ^% c& E0 v, T" k4 }! |6 J( ^, i5 ]7 u, O
瓦岱勒酒店管理学院 - 瓦岱勒国际酒店管理学院 - Vatel

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1 y* M! Q, l; w0 e1 t1 D# j! \
2 t' t0 c' ^7 m  n; |% M
Representing the sixth generation of this family of hotel managers, Jerome Percepied carried on this tradition by enrolling in Vatel Nimes in 2007, and graduating in 2010 with his Bachelor’s Degree.
4 v$ S; e( u* k4 }) s
( |1 n  U6 x' Q8 \4 S* jAfter having worked in several French cities, in England, in Mexico, in the Emirates and the States, at the end of 2013, he was hired as the Assistant Resort Manager at the Four Seasons Costa Rica.

  [' J5 l9 z: o0 @! I& }5 p
* _2 ]0 V, B, `: e0 F9 RJerome, was working in the Hospitality-Tourism field evident for you, or just a coincidence?" I6 s& q; c* M, U$ n* {, l: `
Evident, of course! I was mainly inspired by my dad who instilled his passion for this field in me when I was very young.When it was time for me to decide what I wanted to study in higher education, I was really convinced by Vatel, with its mixture of theory and professional application courses, its international outreach and its excellent reputation in the field.+ h, l( d9 y3 K( P9 M' x1 T8 f, @
, u6 L- J; ?+ p& ~+ f
Do you have a lot of memories of your Vatel years?
7 ]1 C$ O3 s& bCountless ones! I met my best friend, Florent Baudouin there; he founded his company, Golden Keys in Los Angeles and he is the Ambassador of the Vatel Alumni Club for the USA West Coast region. This was incredible, both from a personal and a professional point of view.. r) B) A+ t* \: t
; r  F0 v% C. _, N5 f. m
What’s your best memory: theory, professional application or internships?  k/ G7 N( x' ?: Z+ I) V
I’ve got fond memories of all three. The theoretical part, with professionals who had up to 30 years of experience, was really very interesting.
) j( ?' b8 q2 z8 n

& W/ [7 `8 ]; r$ t+ D9 \Practical application courses are always unique, and something only Vatel does. Vatel Nimes students and I were extremely lucky to have a four-star Application Hotel right on the Campus for our practical courses, with all the departments that we had to work in and understand if we wanted to manage our own hotels one day.
4 F$ c3 w& E$ r3 n$ Z4 `- W# r  D$ g( h. g% k
As for my internships, I consider myself to be very lucky to have traveled as much as I did, and worked in prestigious hotels such as the Hotel Le Prieure Best Mont Blanc Group in Chamonix where I worked in the F&B services and at the Front Office. Or there’s the St James in London, the Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts at Playa del Carmen in Mexico, theBurj Al Arab in Dubai and the New York Plaza Athenee.
: A' W! O9 ?& Z: @ 2 G+ q5 k4 M5 X/ b" e
Costa Rica: and opportunity or networking?
/ h4 q1 ^+ U- F% M5 M; S" @After having spent a year in New York catering mainly to corporate guests, my fiancee, who is Costa Rican, suggested that I give her beautiful country a try. So, from NYC, I started to activate my network and I had my first interviews just a week later in Central America.. e8 t; N3 J8 u- V! F

" ~* T/ K. g3 ~! @. aAssistant Resort Manager: an office job or more operational one?
2 z- _8 ?, r- T: D. G5 Y  O5 S" U; Y  WMore operational and hands-on. It’s an exciting job, always dealing with our guests, and each day brings in new challenges. My main task is to ensure that the Front Office is run correctly, also to ensure Duty Manager responsibilities, making sure that each and every guest will see his or her stay as a true “experience.”
* I! A, ~5 E- \) u) L& ~. q3 ]
5 v# Y, \" w9 ~- [. M8 kFrance in Costa Rica: a good or bad image?
! J# w- Q' ~5 P( j; R5 ~Our country enjoys global recognition for its education and know-how in the sectors of gastronomy and hospitality. Vatel conveys this corporate culture, making us aware of what the most discriminating guests require, with the “French touch” that they always appreciate!
' h0 K1 A* I# y& X+ Q4 X , P  K4 ?  S/ Y3 f6 R4 Q
Hotel management and family life: can the two be reconciled?
% b  t& S. X) p& N% yThe hospitality industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Each year many hotels are opened and this gives us job security for our future. I think the luxury hotels do require, however, a few sacrifices, especially at the beginning of your career, where you have to be mobile and gain international experience to have an attractive and coherent resume. Even though it’s not an easy task to accommodate family life with frequent mobility, in my opinion, it’s not impossible!5 p% q, W& o' z3 k4 v- U. P4 f

$ _5 S" P% Q# f7 w' z  ^5 H+ BAnything else you’d like to say, Jerome?% Q* n3 b$ ?; k3 j
As networking is so important in our line of work, I’d like to invite all the Vateliens to remain connected and interrelated to increase everyone’s opportunities.
1 J' D9 ~! b$ }8 f# [
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