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[成功校友] 瓦岱勒校友Marine PARROT - 索菲特酒店亚洲之旅

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Marine PARROT马琳•帕洛特 - 索菲特酒店亚洲之旅
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Marine PARROT.jpg
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( A) g6 x8 e  P0 _, U& D7 Z  在美洲(North and South America)的瓦岱勒学院(Vatel)学习了三年,马琳•帕洛特(Marine Parrot)于2011年毕业,她在最后一次实习的酒店中国(China)威斯汀酒店(Westin)和喜来登(Sheraton)酒店获得了第一份工作。2012年,她欣然接受机会 ,被越南河内索菲特广场酒店(Sofitel Plaza Hanoi in Vietnam)聘为客户关系总监(Guest Relations Officer)。那之后,她在八月签署了另一个合同,2014…
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  对瓦岱勒人来说新的工作机会:马琳现在是美国(USA)费城索菲特酒店(Sofitel Philadelphia Hotel)的客户服务经理(Customer Service Manager)。接下来,她将和我们讲述她的经历。
* y  Q* M# [- j! ^" s  我决定去瓦岱勒学院学习有如下几点原因:首先,我认为最重要的原因是瓦岱勒学院的国际知名度并且我可以在北美继续我的学业,也可以参加马可波罗交流项目(Marco Polo exchange program)这使我第二学年可以在的瓦岱勒布宜诺斯艾利斯学院(Vatel Buenos Aires)进行学习。第二个原因是瓦岱勒学院注重实践应用 ,不仅仅是实习而且是在整个在校期间进行实践工作。这样的教学计划非常适合我活跃的个性。
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, V* H  H' c4 _: Z/ ^% f  在瓦岱勒学院读书的三年我有着非常美好的回忆。第一学年,通过在我们学院的合作酒店的所有部门进行实践应用,学到了很多东西。第二学年在学校里和来自拉丁美洲(Latin America)各个国家的学生进行文化交流也是非常有趣的经历。第三学年,非常感激在蒙特利尔洲际酒店(Montreal InterContinental Hotel)所积累的专业经验,让我得以代表我的学校在瓦岱勒巴黎学院(Vatel Paris)参加校际竞赛。 ( {9 {+ j2 v0 d
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  完成学业后,我去中国进行最后一次实习并在被聘为客户关系总监(Guest Relations Officer)。很长时间以来我就一直想去中国工作:我已经在蒙彼利埃大学(University of Montpellier)学习了三年中文,非常希望实地参观这个古老而辽阔的大国。但是在那工作了三个月我还是决定离开中国,去为我提供更好的机会的河内索菲特广场酒店工作,那项工作更加有趣,越南(Vietnam)的生活节奏也更适合我。
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  这项工作是全方位的 ,由20人组成的团队负责。我负责行政俱乐部(Executive Club),酒店大堂举办的活动,我们的VIP客人和代表团。也负责管理住宿部门及各种提高酒店的服务质量,和提高团队的效率的项目。/ W8 u% \2 l# V7 @& c% _

1 o! \6 e: I. b! t* v  越南是新兴的充满活力的国家,在发展酒店与旅游业方面有巨大潜力。它的潜力是多层次的如文化,地理及烹饪,所有这些都离不开当地人的热情好客。尽管这里为游客提供的基础设施是有限的,没有泰国(Thailand)发达,但是酒店管理业年轻的求职者在这里会遇到很好的机遇。当然文化差异对于那些没有冒险精神的人来说也确实是一个问题。
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4 c/ n( Q3 @! t* j; P瓦岱勒酒店管理学院 - 瓦岱勒国际酒店管理学院 - Vatel

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Marine PARROT# N. L  H; M) ~; {( ]- E+ G

6 k/ _% W' m5 g5 K& c2 z. S3 pAfter having studied at Vatel in North and South America for three years, Marine Parrot graduated in 2011 and transformed her final internship into her first job at Westin and Sheraton in China. In 2012, she jumped at the opportunity to be hired as the Guest Relations Officer at the Sofitel Plaza Hanoi in Vietnam. Since that, she signed another contract in August, 2014...

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NEW JOBS FOR VATELIENS : Marine is now the Customer Service Manager for the Sofitel Philadelphia Hotel in the USA. She’ll tell us about her experience.
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“I decided to enroll in Vatel for several reasons. First, and the most important reason, in my opinion, was the School’s international outreach with the possibility of continuing my schooling in North America and participating in the Marco Polo exchange program, which allowed me to do my second year at Vatel Buenos Aires. The second reason was the importance attached to professional applications, not only through internships, but also with the practical work we did throughout the school year.This “formula” perfectly matched my very active personality.
/ ?* v+ t2 c3 W( ?- k- _
! l( V  k- a; O$ K9 w! |I’ve got very fond memories of the three years I spent at Vatel. I learned a lot during my first year with practical applications in each operational department in our School’s partner hotel. My second year was really interesting in terms of cultural exchanges in a campus where students came from every country in Latin America. As for my third year, I really appreciated my professional experience at the Montreal InterContinental Hotel and I represented my school at Vatel Paris in the inter-School competition.& e6 p6 d$ f# @7 I2 B9 Q

' Z: o& U- a: z, O4 v/ a, t When school year was over, I left for China to do my final internship which led to me being hired as the Guest Relations Officer. Working in China was something I had wanted to do for a long time: I had already studied Chinese for three years at the University of Montpellier and wanted to actually visit this huge country. After having held the job for three months, I nonetheless decided to leave it for a better opportunity presented by the Hanoi Sofitel Plaza. The job was more interesting and the life in Vietnam matched my personal rhythm much better.
/ z* N5 v; |# j4 |- f
" C* V* {- R# l; P" vThis job has many aspects. Supported by a team of 20, I’m in charge of the Executive Club, events in the Lobby, our VIP guests and delegations. I also manage the accommodations departments and am in charge of various projects that improve not only the quality of services the hotel has, but also the productivity of our teams.5 c$ U4 U9 X5 p$ f! I! Q
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Vietnam is an emerging and dynamic country, with a strong potential for the hospitality and tourism industries.  It has a many-layered potential: cultural, geographic, and culinary and all of this is supported by a very warm and welcoming population. Young hotel management job-seekers have interesting possibilities, though the infrastructures for tourists are more limited in those found in Thailand, for example. The many cultural differences could also be a sticking point for those who don’t have an adventurous spirit.
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Today I’m starting a new professional story and I’ll tell you more in a few months. To be continued...”) Q% }+ V1 v' n. M' c2 @% e: D8 @

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